Monday, April 26, 2010

Christmas 2009

For the first time... I think ever... my whole family got together for Christmas this past year. Parents, brothers, uncles, aunts, cousins... and some new little rugrats. There's not a lot of us, but we were all there. I hadn't seen mostly everyone in a long time, and probably never under the same roof, regardless of holiday. Uncle Jack took over as my favorite relative (not sure who was reigning, really) for the first time since he brought milkshakes to the old farm house when we were kids. Yes, he did it every time, and yes, it always worked. He definitely knocked something over, maybe broke it, and had me laughing until everyone left our house. Dad passed out, and Rudy reminded us why he never made it as a watch dog. Maybe it was the Guinness. Dad had Schlitz Light.

Evelyn Rose


peeling shrimp...

...with a Band Aid on?

Brother Nick



Uncle Jack

Aunt Janie & Colin

Brother Jake

Aunt Kathy


...and the wounds



leg lamp

Pennsylvania refrigerator

suit of armor


  1. it's amazing that when you're a teenager and the family gets together, it's no big deal and you'd rather be doing something else. flash forward a few years and it's the greatest thing ever.

    you're photos are awesome, you really have a talent. i never knew you had the artsy bone in you (hehe, i said bone).

    tell everyone i say hi. it was great for your uncle jack to come to my grandfather's funeral. thank him for me.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Andy. You're totally right. I had a feeling I was going to eat dinner and retire to my room early to wrap gifts and be "over it," but I really didn't want it to end. It was really a great time.

    Thanks for the compliment. Yeah, I never had a camera other than the .7 megapixel (seriously) camera my mom had that I started taking to concerts and I believe Senior Week. It wasn't until college that I took an advanced photography class (because the starter one was either full or it didn't fit into my class schedule and the teacher was in a good mood that day). I finally got my own 35mm as a Christmas gift when I was a Junior in college and I have since upgraded twice to digital SLRs. I really do enjoy it. I don't put enough time into it and I wouldn't call myself a "photographer" by any means, but it's definitely a mild hobby of sorts.

    I will say hi when I do actually see people... and the same for my Uncle. I usually only catch him once a year if I'm lucky. I didn't know about your grandfather. That's a real shame. Sorry to hear. I hope everything else is going well.

  3. you have a knack for shooting at the right moments and at the interesting details most people don't notice. i'm definitely a fan. did you ever think about doing a little bit on the side for extra cash? our wedding photographer just picked up photography as a hobby when his daughter was born, taking pictures of her, and then took a small handful of classes. his stuff the the best that we saw when we were looking for a photographer (also the cheapest). the artistic people who do what they do best are the best because they are the ones who enjoy doing it the most.

    ps BEAULIEU!