Friday, May 21, 2010

California 2010

I quit my job.
It had been five and a half years at the same place I've been working since I graduated college. An incredible experience... but it was time to move on. When I finally pulled the trigger on telling my boss, he wanted 2-3 more weeks out of me, but his boss kicked me out the next day. With some last minute time off, I booked a trip out to California to see Nellie and drive down the coast to see my brother Jake, who I probably won't cross paths with again until Christmas, so it was a two birds with one unexpected stone kind of thing, and on that short of notice, I'm not sure what else I would have been able to pull off. I got kicked out on Thursday and I flew on Sunday. I would have left even earlier had it not been for that stupid relay triathlon that I had to bike in down by AC on Sunday AM. I literally landed in LAX with our team number and my age still Sharpied onto each calf.

On the second half of the trip after returning from Cinco de Mayo with Jake in San Diego, Nellie, Matt, and I traveled up to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, spent the night in the woods, and then took off for his parents' place in San Francisco.

Nellie recently became the proud mother of a hairless cat (sphynx) named Chicken. It is the most hideous and yet the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Chicken should have had her own blog entry. As you can see, she was the focus of our Tuesday morning. Non cat stuff below, fret not.

she moves like a ghost...

Uncle Glenn

photo cred: Nellie Barnett


San Diego

Jake's view

my rental ride

Jake takes in the view

Torrey Pines in the distance

casting a stone

Back in LA, Chicken helps me pack for the trip to NorCal

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Matt intimidates the snowsnakes

photo cred: Nellie Barnett

"Junk in the trunk" - caption credit: Matt Vascellaro

Standing on a 3 foot base of snow that is covering the access road that we were expecting to drive down to get to a recommended hike. Next time?

pine cone hockey

row row row your old fallen tree, gently down the stream...

is that an eagle on the far right?

where's Nellie? click in and look on the far right/middle

Grizzly Falls

"To what would you lichen it?" - CK

Zumwalt Meadow





  1. That cat is... um... one of a kind, let's say. Wow. Just wow. Enjoy seeing your stuff. I'm a sucker for a good blog :) And I'm all about quitting a job to get your travel on. Great work! (Maureen)

  2. Chicken looks at this blog all day instead of working.