Saturday, April 24, 2010

Loyalsock Camping April 2010

On the first week of April, Kayes invited me to go on a camping/hiking trip with him, his brother, two of his brothers friends (Chris and Brett), and his brother's dog, Harley. We hiked a portion of the Loyalsock Trail, a 59.3 mile trail in Pennsylvania, which we were able to access in just a few minutes by car from the Kayes' cabin. Points of interest: 1) The Haystacks, the result of a "catastrophic geological event" according to... geologists. They are basically quartz rock mounds in the middle of the Loyalsock River that only exist in a very confined area of the river. 2) Sones Pond - which is where we turned around to head back in the direction of the car after realizing that Brett left the keys to his escape vehicle parked at point B back in Matt's car at point A. Great time. Earliest in the year I've ever camped. First blog post. OK.

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