Sunday, August 22, 2010

Costa Rica July 2010

During the last week of July, Bern, Bott, Currier, Kayes, Gordon, and I spent a week in Costa RIca. I think the initial idea started as a potential fishing trip back in January (we would come nowhere near fishing equipment on this trip). My perception of Costa Rica prior to spending time down there was pretty accurate, but I learned two things. One was that this country is seemingly lawless. Women drive mopeds on the highway, though their feet can't reach the foothold, while their children cling to the instrument cluster for their lives. Underpowered SUVs pass busses into oncoming traffic along a "road" that resembles a landmine field. Eye-level barbed wire encroaches on the sidewalk in a major tourist town. Electrical workers climb ladders 20 ft. high and cling to power lines while repairing them. OSHA would have a fucking field day.
I also learned to let my guard down a bit with the locals (mark my words as I'll probably get robbed, stabbed, infected, etc. on my next international trip). Generally speaking, they are very excited to speak to Americans and will essentially do anything they possibly can to make you happy. We met a guide - Miguel - sort of fourth hand through Kayes' cousin's local bartender who took us on a fairly action packed day in Rincon de la Vieja, a National Park. In my mind, this guy is the official mascot of Costa Rica. Zip lines, rock climbing, horseback riding, river tubing, and dare I admit it, a spa, were all included. The mud bath? When in Rome. Pura Vida = Fuckin' A.

exotic dead butterfly in my doorjam

This monkey lived in the jungle next to our house and her name is Hermosa. She was separated from her crew.

Prostitute with C section scar. Don't believe me? I dare you to click.

a turtle died.

storms rolled in like clockwork every early afternoon.

this guy showed us the way out

our view

"new" glove. good luck with that.

Gordon. Iced.

like a racehorse?

my steed

lime salesman

we got really cheap surf lessons and board rentals from this guy named Miner.

our infinity pool and Hermosa's favorite tree.

tailbone injury

scorpions in the bathroom

entering one of two amazing and remote beaches we off-roaded to

these monkeys growled at us for at least five hours

playing catch with a mango

Bern walking the beach like a zombie

Coco Beach

Hermosa came through to say goodbye as we were leaving.

Bott gets randomly searched

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