Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Vermont with The Band 2013

Physical tire is no match for a reunion of friends that haven't seen one another in a while.  I was worried we wouldn't stay awake for a beer after a long drive north and arriving at the VT house.  Instead we saw 7:30am...

... and a fairly spectacular sunrise.

Lego and his tail hung out with the guys.

pink mountain sunrise and the river behind the house

morning bros

morning bro

Bloody Mary and a sunrise to get the weekend started



should we go skiing on this trip?  nah.  let's visit an alternate universe and go for a hike in the snow.


Hike leader, Tom, rocks the snowshoes.

this beautiful house is actually on an island in the middle of the river.

Rohit and Ina getting the last of their snow fix before leaving us for L.A.

guys vs. girls snowball fight breaks out.... 

Muffin takes a direct hit to the leg...

... and hits the deck.

this is a dog's face...

Happy Birthday, Asha.

Colleen through the pillar.

preparing for about 2 hours of skiing

Thanks, Ted.

.... we've stepped things up just a bit every year.

photo cred: Ashley

photo cred: Ashley

photo cred:  Ashley

Tom getting weird.  Obligatory.

model dogs

uhhh.... can I help you?

I'm not sorry about this.

Man of Kent

take us home, Lego.

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  1. LL Bean photo shoot much? Exterior night shot of house is rad.