Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ski Utah 2011: Keep Those Tips Up!

Tara McChugh hosted an incredible week in Park City. We landed just in time for a huge storm dumping over two feet on what was a previously not-so-snowy mountain. I didn't realize until I was doing it, but I really had no clue how to ride in powder that deep, so the trip was kind of a learning experience. We hit Park City for two days, Canyons, Powder Mountain, and Snowbird once each. Powder Mountain is a must-do. On the next to last day we broke up the trip with a half day on snowmobiles in Utah's "Thousand Peaks."

I lost a camera in a cab in Salt Lake City. The girls don't dance at Pinky's until after 1pm. Tara's high school friends have impressive whiskey tolerance and taste buds. AJ drops in with a 360 and is banned from the sandwich shop. Some dude was playing two guitars at once. Snowbird is no joke. Banksy does Park City. Bass' dog, Skoal, got out of the yard and bit the wealthiest lawyer in Utah. # stitches

I hope I get back there every year.

some light sex art book reading before bed

waiting for first chair at Town Lift (which I'm told doesn't technically count as "first chair", but I think that's what you say because you're jealous you aren't ski in/ski out, Bas)

Doublemint Gum

jesus skis


my favorite run of all time

post run reward

had to dig myself out

waiting for the Powder Country shuttle

the girls

took a cat ride for some fresh(er) stuff

how is there this much snow under the lift two days after the snowfall?

ducked the rope for one last go at Powder Country

takin' a break

perfect end to the perfect day

Currier pushed me downhill into about 4 feet of snow...


important preparations

atta girl

hell yea

blind whiskey taste test at the house

Kate makes a badass bloody mary

fajita night

east coast redezvous in Park City

"The Crash" - a three human pileup starring Jesse Neider


Park City


some random awesome house

basement approval

the bag game

2011 Bag Game Champion: Adrienne

"I'm just a little guy." - RC

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