Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bikes... "Fall" 2010

Last week the karma gods "rewarded" my attempt at green commuting when the left crank arm literally snapped off my bike, sending me on a 10 foot head first slide into the intersection of 40th street and 7th ave... and subsequently, the Beth Israel Emergency Room. Reading people's faces on the subway go from "what is this guy's problem bringing his bike on the subway during rush hour" to a decidedly more sympathetic "ooooh.... ouch," after giving me a quick up down was entertaining enough to take my mind off the pain. Having a rolled up pant leg, bloody shin, and a crank arm in my hand rather than on my bike was like having a conversation without words.

So what do you do when you do when you fall off your bike? You get back up and... get on your... uh... other bike...

... and take advantage of an unseasonably warm mid November Saturday with a 45 mile ride over the George Washington Bridge and up River Road. I shared this cycling route gem with first timers Brian and Diana in exchange for laughs, PB&J covered nuts, and, post ride, a well deserved 15 minutes in the hot tub in Brian's apt building.

Our halfway point, as well as a Boy Scout circus of sorts, was held at the New Jersey Palisades Park Commission Ranger Station just before River Road meets Palisades Parkway and 9W. We snacked, filled up on water, and contemplated our remaining hours of light before heading back. I inadvertently hit the bathroom with perfect comedic timing... about 20 seconds later a middle aged man popped his head in to round up his troops. "ARE THERE ANY BOYSCOUTS IN HERE?!" Poor kids... they're not even safe in police stations.

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